As many of you are aware of, we have started to develop in September 2011 the already previously successfuly operated " parking - and halfday kindergarden " services as a " full day operated developping group " in Parksarok, to be called further on simply as PARKOVI.
The planned number of children has been reached very soon, therefore no more kids could be accepted in the last months.
As from September 2012, with the introduction of some reorganization, we try to increase the number of children, thus we do accept preregistrations by this week already.
As the essence of education in the group is the series of the daily occupations being bulit on each other successively, therefore we are preferring those kind of registrations, which would like to use our services on the basis of every day of the week.
Of course, as there are mothers, who just start to take off their children, can,t take a full time job, their registrations are also wellcome for some days of the week.
We accept children to our group from the age of 18-20 months, the clean habit and the facility in speaking are not preconditions, but the dirigibility and the need for communication of the child are of vital importance.
As you can learn from the name of " Parkovi ", we are wellcoming elderly children as well, for this age we secure adequate programs, occupancy and developing, including pre-school preparation.
As the group is lead by our collegue being educated as kindergarden teacher and teacher of music, thus music is a decisive and integral part of our daily activities.
So are parts of our daily work the common games, the playing and enjoying of fresh air in the Park, being just some Meters away as well as the quiete, comfortable afternoon relax.
The groups stable and continious operation is guaranteed by three skilled kindergarden teachers.
If you are eager to know more details, click on Parkovi or call Parksarok and ask for Kinga.

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